A funny story about how an old adopted cat named Marshmallow becomes best friends with a cute little sasquatch named Squishy. They are professional mess makers, so they'll need to learn to work together if they ever want to see a clean room!

Squishy Adopts Marshmallow Cat


Squishy Squatch's Outer Space Adventure

A cute little sasquatch named Squishy is about to be the first sasquatch in outer space. He's excited to explore! But, you will learn, forgetting to be patient can cause major problems when you're deep in the cosmos!


Hello, I Am Squishy Squatch

This is the 1st book in the Squishy Squatch series. Squishy is a cute little sasquatch who loves to get squished—which we learn all to well! A normal day for Squishy is waking up next to a magical waterfall, making new friends, being positive, and encouraging others.