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Hello, I Am Squishy Squatch

This is the first book in a series following the main character Squishy Squatch on all sorts of upside down adventures. In this adventure Squishy Squatch wakes up like he does any other day, except this time, he bumps into (or should I say gets squished by) a bunch of new friends.

Squishy Squatch's Outer Space Adventure

Squishy Squatch has been training for months, now it's time for his second adventure—outer space! What could possibly go wrong?

Adoption is the option for Squishy Squatch, but can he manage to keep his newly adopted cat shaped like a marshmallow under control? I think he will find out that you get a lot more from furry friends than just cuddles. Find out on April 30th!

Squishy Squatch Adopts Marshmallow Cat


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