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Squishy Squatch is a funny little creature with a great imagination. He spends most of his time on wild silly adventures and living life in the woods with Mama Squatch, Papa Squatch and his little sister Peep Squatch. Squishy loves to make new friends but most of all, loves getting squished. 
Squishy Squatch
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Peep is a curious little Squatch. Even though she is just a toddler she learns new games really fast by watching her big brother Squishy Squatch. Peep loves to stop and smell the roses, no matter what.
Peep Squatch
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Mama Squatch
Mama Squatch loves her two baby squatchs to the moon and back. During the day she turns her home into a daycare, and all the little critters come over to play. She always has a good idea for a fun activity.
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Papa Squatch
Papa Squatch can make anything, including jokes! When Papa Squatch comes home from work with dirty hands, he chases Squishy and Peep around until they are out of breath. Papa has a tool belt, and when it's on you know he's up to something.
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